Evidence is mounting that cell phone use has a negative effect upon the brain. American adults use their cell phones an average of 500 minutes each month. Children aged 12-17, whose brains are still developing, use their cell phones more than 1,000 minutes each month. While the EPA is sending mixed signals on the potentially hazardous effects of cell phone use, hard scientific research is pointing to a demonstrable link between cell phone use and brain cancer.

Dr. George Carlo, Ph.D., M.S., J.D., respected epidemiologist and public health scientist, headed a $28.5 million research program funded by the cell phone industry. When the results came in, the cell phone industry distanced itself from Dr. Carlo’s work and continued to downplay any possible hazards. The results can be found in the book, Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards of the Wireless Age, in which Dr. Carlo predicts an alarming rise in brain and eye tumors, almost half a million cases by 2020. Dr. Carlo has appeared on 20/20, 60 Minutes, World News Tonight, CBS News with Dan Rather and The Today Show, as well as on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

What is the mechanism by which cell phones and their resulting electromagnetic fields (EMF) affect our brains? The brain and central nervous system is an electromagnetic system in which nerve impulses run in a continuous loop between the brain and body. Nerve impulses travel in electromagnetic pulses, rather than in continuous streams.

In a similar fashion, mobile phone signals are sent in small pulses. These pulses have peaks and overtones that can damage cells and interfere with natural cellular resonance. Studies have shown that cellular phones cause actual cell damage. Just two minutes of exposure can alter the blood brain barrier, allowing toxic substances to enter the brain.

Cell phones send out a constant EM pulse in a two-way communication with the nearest tower. So even when you are not using the cell phone, it is still emitting EM pulses that can interfere with your body’s system of nerve impulses. This field affects you when you carry your cell phone in your pocket or on a belt clip.

What about Bluetooth devices? Do they offer any protection for cell phone users? All Blue Tooth headsets and devices emit wireless microwave radiation. A short wavelength and rapid oscillation rate enable microwaves to travel long distances without a wire, but enable them to penetrate living tissue at a cellular level. The Soviets demonstrated this in the 50s; by beaming microwave frequencies at the US Embassy, they induced leukemia in several American ambassadors.

Use of Bluetooth headsets exposes the brain, ears, and eyes to strong doses of microwave radiation. Therefore, the use of Bluetooth technology does nothing to protect cell phone users from the harmful effects of EMFs.

An Electromagnetic Pollution Solution

Since most of us will not give up our cell phones, we need some way of protecting ourselves from their potentially harmful effects. First, it is best to keep your cell phone away from your head. Use the speaker phone feature, or use a corded headset. This may not be as convenient or attractive as Bluetooth, but corded headsets do not emit microwave radiation. Even with a corded headset, there’s still the problem of carrying the cell phone on your body, such as in a pocket or on a belt clip.

A great solution is a bio-energy protection device, which subtly changes the EMF field into a more harmonious energy. This can strengthen and expand your own bio-energy field, which enables you to ground and purify negative, unbalanced and chaotic energies, such as EMFs more effectively.  Of the cell phone protection devices we’ve used and tested, the best we’ve found is the EarthCalm Eco Tec.

Far from simply acting as a shield from wireless radiation, the Eco Tec actually uses the transmitter signal from your cell phone or other wireless transmitter to create a healing energy field based on pyramid energy. When the wireless transmitter is in use, in receiving mode or is being charged, the hazardous radiation from it is transformed into a healing, protective pyramid energy field that extends approximately five feet all around the device. Many people who first install the Eco Tec notice a dramatic sense of clarity and relief due to the protective field created around them.

You owe it to yourself and your family to use the Eco Tec on all your cell phones and portable phones.

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