Laptops, computers, and other electronic devices are manufactured with certain safety standards to shield users from potentially harmful effects. One of these standards used to be that they could not emit radio frequencies (RF).  Enter the age of wireless networks. Suddenly your computer is designed to emit microwave radiation. Add to this the fact that your laptop is often kept on your…lap! So even if you’re still sitting on the fence about the dangers of all these frequencies flying around, still you must admit that laptops present a particularly personal dose of radiation exposure.

The problem is not from laptops alone. These days the typical home wireless network includes a desktop PC or two, some laptops, an entertainment system, wireless keyboards and mice, and wireless printers. Toss in your wireless phones and cell phones, and you’re literally swimming in a soup of electromagnetic (EMF) pollution.

Even if you don’t keep a wireless (WiFi) network in your home, you are exposed to them in stores, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, schools – the list goes on. In fact, cities have been building huge wireless networks to offer free broadband service to their citizens.  Some have called all these frequencies “electro-smog.”

Hooking up all our home or office devices is called a local area network (LAN). Once upon a time, all the devices needed to be hooked together with wires that carried signals to a connecting device called a router. Now wireless routers have made wired networks nearly obsolete. Who wants to run all those cables through ceilings and walls when it can be done wirelessly? However, all the convenience comes with unseen hazards.

With a wireless LAN, each device on the network is built so that it can send a signal to the router and receive signals back. Wireless routers typically have a range of a hundred to several hundred feet. Adding a booster that increases the signal strength can increase the range. As with all radio signals, the closer you are to the transmitter (the router) the stronger the signal. Cell phones work on the same principle. The difference is that cell phones work at a different frequency and put out a stronger signal than wireless LANs.

Cell phones work on the same principle. The difference is that cell phones emit ten times the radiation of wireless routers. This leads many to the belief that wireless routers are safe due to their low power intensity – far below the minimum standards for cell phones. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Cell phone standards are set for short-term exposure, and they’re based on the thermal (heating) effects of the microwave radiation they emit. However, there are other, non-thermal effects of cell phones at exposures less than current US standard, such as memory loss, sleep disruption, slowed motor skills and reaction time, decreased immune function, spatial disorientation and dizziness, headaches, lowered sperm count, increased blood pressure and pulse, DNA breakage and reduced DNA repair capacity, and cell proliferation.

Also, let’s not forget one major difference. Cell phone exposure is intermittent. It affects you the most during actual phone calls, and to a lesser degree when the cell phone is turned on and worn on the body. Wireless routers, on the other hand, subject you and family members to constant long-term exposure. The exposure is not a cell phone’s brief burst of radiation, but a constant bath of low strength RF radiation.

Exposure to the types of radiation emitted by cell phones, wireless networks, and Bluetooth devices may lower melatonin levels in the body, leading to insomnia, irritability, poor concentration, mood swings, lowered immune response and more.

A recent study even links WiFi exposure to autism. The study, published in ‘Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine,’ claims that the radiofrequency waves emitted by Wi-Fi routers isolate and trap metals in brain cells. These metals, according to the study, are the cause of the drastic increase in autism.  Is this link provable? Time will tell.

So what can you do about the constant EMF pollution from wireless networks? One obvious solution is not to put one in your home. Use a wired system. Okay, we hear you when you say that’s just not an option. You already have your wireless LAN, or you just don’t want to run all those wires. There are a few things you can do.

Our EMF Pollution Solutions

EarthCalm Omega WiFi

Most people are unaware that their wireless routers and laptops are built with transmitters that constantly generate a cloud of microwave radiation when they are on, even when they are not actively in use. If your router is plugged in or if your laptop is on and the battery has juice in it, the transmitter in each is sending out a hazardous signal that is creating a potentially dangerous field of microwave radiation. When the Omega WiFi is inserted, this hazardous field becomes a beneficial field of protection that will protect you throughout the day and while sleeping at night. When you insert the Omega WiFi into a wireless router, any person using a laptop or a desktop computer or game console (such as Wii or Nintendo) that is programmed into your network and entertainment system is protected as well. Your laptop can even be kept in your bedroom when recharging while you sleep.

If you never take your laptop out to places with WiFi networks but use it exclusively with your home wireless network, then what you need is the Ethernet version of the Omega WiFi. Plug it into one of the Ethernet ports of your router, and your family is protected while using any devices in the network.

On the other hand, if you take your laptop to WiFi equipped locations, or if you plug it directly into an Ethernet modem without a router, then you need the protection of the Omega WiFi USB version. Laptops in particular generate an extremely high miligauss field when they are switched on. They put out as much as a 100-miligauss field at the keyboard, which is extremely fatiguing and hazardous to your health, especially over extended periods of time. Less than two miligauss has been determined to be safe. The Omega WiFi provides dramatic protection from this radiation by modulating the EarthCalm circuits into the laptop’s EMF field to create a grounding pattern, which allows your body to dissipate the hazardous radiation. Plug one directly into the USB port of your laptop if you or a family member uses it away from the protection of your Omega WiFi-protected network.

Most people notice the relief instantly as soon as they plug the Omega WiFi into their laptop or router. They also notice that the number of hours they can spend at their laptop without headaches or fatigue expands exponentially.

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The Omega WiFi does not substitute for the Scalar Home Protection System or the Multi-Phase BedShield, both of which are extremely important for general EMF protection. For more information about the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System and the EarthCalm Multi-Phase BedShield, please go to Be sure to see the Ultimate Pack, which offers both of these products with a 10% discount.

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