Every time I see a child under eight using a cell phone in the company of their parents, I want to smack the parents upside the head and shout, “Are you crazy?” Of course, the parents don’t know that they are exposing their children to harmful microwave radiation, which easily penetrates deep into the brains of children, due to the thinness of their skulls. If you have any doubts about this, please refer to the chart on our March 19 blog. The chart, from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Journal on Microwave Theory and Techniques, graphically illustrates the elevated risk cell phone radiation poses to children. Yet, as the chart shows, adults should be concerned as well. The microwave energy penetrates a quarter of the way into adult brains. But for children, the safest solution is to keep them off of cell phones.

Dr. George Carlo, an epidemiologist who conducted a study for the cell phone industry, believes cell phone EMF hazards should be taken seriously. His study was funded by the cell phone industry, and because it showed results contrary to the industry’s intentions, it was dismissed and criticized by industry insiders. Dr. Carlo has several issues with other industry-sponsored studies that appear to brush aside cell phone risks. Overall, the studies failed to refute the alarming findings of lab experiments that appear to link cell phones to cancer by showing that human blood cells exposed to cell phone radiation suffered genetic damage, damage cancer experts consider to be a diagnostic marker of ”high risk” for developing tumors.

“Will people who begin using cell phones as children or teens be high risks for developing brain cancer in their 40s or 50s?” Carlo asks, saying that no studies have answered that question and it will take as long as 20 years before long-term epidemiological studies can either give us truly comforting assurance or flag real danger.

Dr. Carlo says that until the facts become clearer, people should take precautions, such as using corded headsets that keep the phone away from users’ heads. However, that does nothing to shield the rest of the body from harmful microwave radiation. For example, studies of males who keep their cell phones in their pockets have revealed significantly lower sperm counts. So just keeping the phone away from your head does not solve the entire problem of cell phone EMF exposure. That’s where two of our favorite EMF Pollution Solutions come in.


It’s just not realistic to ask people to give up their cell phones, or to keep them turned off. Too many people use them for business, and their livelihoods would suffer if they couldn’t stay in touch while on the go. For light cell phone users, an EcoTec Cell Protector will go a long way toward keeping you safe from harmful microwaves. I use the Eco Tec. Most of the time my cell phone is turned off. It’s only when I am away from home without my wife that I keep it turned on, and even then it’s only my wife and very few others who know the number. The point is, I use my cell phone sparingly. Still, the moment I put the EcoTec into my cell phone’s battery compartment, I could feel the difference. I was suddenly enveloped in a great feeling of relaxation. The EcoTec surrounds you in a pyramid of beneficial energy, literally transforming your cell phone’s EMFs into a beneficial field. The EcoTec offers greater protection than any product made by any other company, but cell phone power users need more protection and might want to consider a step up to the ultimate cell phone protector, the EarthCalm OMEGA Cell.

Cell phone power users need the EarthCalm OMEGA Cell, the ultimate in cell phone protection. Power users are individuals who use a cell phone continuously, and possibly don’t even have a land line. This is becoming more common these days. The OMEGA Cell is the most complete protection available for cell phones, designed for those who use their cell phones constantly. OMEGA Cell far exceeds the power of the EcoTec, actually making a cell phone safe to speak on for hours, if necessary. OMEGA Cell transforms the hazardous field of microwave radiation generated by cell phones, which you might feel as tension or stress, into a positive, beneficial field of protection. WARNING: This could give you the warm fuzzies! This translates into an immediate improvement in brain health and alertness. This field of protection is created whether your cell phone is turned on or off, because the interaction between the EarthCalm proprietary circuits and the cell phone battery and transmitter continues to work all the time.

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