You’ve known for some time now that your cell phone is affecting you. Perhaps you’ve noticed headaches, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, or other symptoms that seem to disappear when you spend a few days away from your cell phone. What about all those reports, with charts and graphs and references, describing in no uncertain terms what the microwave radiation from your cell phone might be doing to your brain and central nervous system? That alone might be what’s keeping you awake at night!

An EMF Pollution Solution At a Closeout Price!

Now is the time to protect yourself and your loved ones from cell phone microwave radiation. The Omega Cell, the ultimate cell phone protector, is currently being redesigned to make it smaller. In the meantime, EarthCalm is offering a closeout price on the Omega Cell. This remarkable device normally sells for $179, but is on sale for only $99.

If you are a heavy cell phone user, you owe it to yourself to protect yourself from the microwave radiation emitted by your phone. If you let your children use a cell phone, having an Omega Cell is a must. Please see our June 10 and March 9 entries below for more information on how cell phone radiation affects children. So now is the time to act. Take advantage of the Omega Cell closeout sale while remaining supplies last.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Omega Cell has been sold out and replaced by the newer, more powerful Quantum Cell. The new Quantum Cell sells for only $99. Please see some of the entries above to read more about the Quantum Cell.