The new Quantum Cell is EarthCalm’s newest cell phone EMF protector. It packs all the strength and effectiveness of the Omega Cell into a smaller size. With sticky-tape backing, the Quantum Cell measures 5/8″ square x 3/16″ high. With Velcro backing, it measures 1/4″ high. That’s a lot of protection in a small package.

Create a Beneficial Field of EMF Protection
The Quantum Cell far exceeds the effectiveness of all other cell phone protectors. It transforms the microwave field generated by cell phones into a positive, beneficial field of protection.  This is especially important if you use your phone in combination with a Bluetooth, headset or hands-free car device, all of which amplify the hazardous field.  Once you have a Quantum Cell on your phone, any devices connected to your cell phone are also generating the same beneficial field.

Quantum Call EMF Protection
When the Quantum Cell is affixed to your cell phone, you have full cell phone radiation protection, whether your cell phone is turned on or off, because the interaction between the EarthCalm proprietary circuits and the cell phone battery and transmitter works continuously.  You will feel relaxed, more alert–and confident about your safety, even on those long calls.

The Quantum Cell is the “Mercedes” of cell phone chips. Aren’t you worth having the model that will give you complete protection and peace of mind?

For a limited time the Quantum Cell costs only $99, or you can buy four for just $337 – an additional 15% discount!

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