Recently a young man contacted us about EMF problems with his computer. This person did not know he was “electro-sensitive,” but he could feel what he described as a tingling sensation and numbness in his fingers when using his computer. He was ready to give up the computer when I suggested that his problem was coming from his wireless keyboard and mouse. These devices, like cell phones, laptops, and WiFi networks, emit microwave radiation. So for this young man, every time he used his computer, he felt odd sensations in his hands and in his head.

He replaced the keyboard and mouse with a standard wired set, and his fingers felt better, but he still felt something in his head. Again he suggested getting rid of the computer. I asked if he used a wireless router. He did not – he had wired his house with Ethernet cable and ports in various rooms. So I asked him to check his system preferences to see if his “Airport” card (the wireless card in a Mac) was still broadcasting. Sure enough, it was. I walked him through the process of turning it off, and the sensations in his head soon disappeared.

At this point the young man came to grips with his “electro-sensitivity,” and he purchased an EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System (see Now his whole house is protected from the fields generated by his electrical wiring and household appliances.

The experience with this young man brings up two important points. First: As convenient as wireless keyboards and mice may be, they expose you to microwave radiation, just like using a cell phone. Every time you use the keyboard and mouse, you are exposed to this radiation. Even though the levels are relatively low, they are constant during the hours you spend on your computer. It’s just not worth it. For peace of mind, replace the wireless keyboard and mouse with a standard USB wired set.

The second point is this: Just because you are not using a wireless router, that doesn’t mean your computer is not sending out wireless signals (EMF radiation). Be sure to check your system preferences, whether you’re using a Mac or PC. If you use a wired LAN (like I do), shut off your computer’s wireless card. It’s easy to do.

Of course, I’m talking about desktop computers here. Laptops are a different breed entirely. They constantly emit microwave radiation, and this is made worse by the fact that so many people use them in such close proximity to their bodies.

Our EMF Pollution Solutions

If you use a laptop, you owe it to yourself to get the Omega WiFi laptop protector. There’s a USB version you can plug into a port on your laptop when you leave home and use the computer at WiFi “hotspots.” And if you use a wireless network, please us the Omega WiFi to protect you and your loved ones from the EMF fields these devices generate. Just plug it into an Ethernet port on your router, and it will work on every device connected to that router. For more information about Omega Wi-Fi, please see

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