A new customer called with the question, “Are my wireless devices causing my headaches?”

The question is not easily answered. First I needed to ask her a few questions, such as: What wireless devices are you using? How long have you been using them? Did you have these headaches before switching over to wireless?

It seems her boyfriend, who treasures his reputation as Tech Geek Extraordinaire, had recently installed a wireless network in her apartment. Not only that, he had replaced her keyboard and mouse with state-of-the-art Bluetooth wireless devices. He even set up an iPad to send its wireless signals to her TV/entertainment system, so she could watch movies and videos on her 42-inch flat screen. All this had occurred within the last three weeks. Lo and behold, that’s when her headaches began.

I explained that she was probably “electro-sensitive.” That means she’s particularly vulnerable to ill effects from EMF radiation. People who are not electro-sensitives don’t feel the effects of EMF in their environment. A childhood friend of mine has his house so full of wireless, your dental fillings might pick up radio frequencies if you visit.  That doesn’t mean it’s not affecting him, but that’s a story for another blog entry.

There was a long pause after my explanation. I waited for her next question?

“What do I do?” she asked. “I can’t disconnect all these gifts from my boyfriend. He’ll think I’m crazy.”

Our EMF Pollution Solution

I introduced her to the Omega Wi-Fi. By plugging the Omega Wi-Fi into an Ethernet port on her wireless router, she is able to transmute the microwave EMF energy emitted by these devices into a beneficial field of protection. This field would be emitted by every device receiving signals from the wireless router.

“That’s great!” she replied. Now she could see if this solution would fix her headaches, without having to insult her boyfriend by removing his thoughtful gifts.

For people who take their laptops out to wireless “hot spots,” there’s a USB version of Omega WiFi that you can plug into the back of the laptop for portable EMF protection.  Find out more about the Omega Wi-Fi on our EarthCalm products page, http://www.atapcreations.com/EarthCalmProducts.html

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