When customers call with questions about their exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), there are some questions that come up regularly. Let’s just call these EMF FAQs, and let’s look at some of the most-asked questions.

Q)  Does my cell phone emit EMF fields?
A)  Yes. In fact, your cell phone emits microwave radiation. That’s how it communicates with the nearest cell tower. So when you use your cell phone, microwave radiation is constantly entering your brain and body.

Q)  If I use a Bluetooth headset on my cell phone, does this protect me from EMF fields?
A)  No. The Bluetooth headset emits microwave radiation of its own to communicate with your cell phone. While it’s true that the power levels of a Bluetooth are weaker than that of the cell phone, most people leave the Bluetooth device in their ears at all times, for a constant exposure to EMFs.

Q)  Does my laptop computer expose me to EMFs?
A)  Yes. Your laptop is designed to work with a wireless network. Both the laptop and the wireless network emit microwave radiation in order to “talk” to each other. Even if you’re not using a wireless network, most laptops are set up to “broadcast,” so they’re sending signals out all the time.

Q)  I have a wireless router in my house. Does this subject me to EMFs?
A)  Yes. The device emits microwave radiation, like your cell phone and laptop. Wireless routers add EMF radiation in your home.

Q)  Am I exposed to EMF radiation from electrical appliances in my home?
A)  Yes. Everything plugged into the electrical grid emits EMF fields. When current is running through a wire, this generates EMF fields. This means that all your household appliances are emitting EMFs, some more than others. One of the biggest offenders is that digital alarm clock next to your head while you sleep. These clocks emit very high EMF fields. However, all of your appliances are emitting EMFs, such as your refrigerator, your electric stove, your microwave oven, etc. Even the electrical grid itself in your home emits EMF fields. The frequency of these fields is close enough to the human nervous system to affect you in a detrimental way.

Q)  What can I do to protect myself?
A)  Here are some of our EMF Pollution Solutions:

For your home: The EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System
For your cell phone:  The Quantum Cell
For your wireless router and laptop: The Omega WiFi
Protection you can take with you: The EarthCalm Scalar Resonator

Check out our products page at http://www.atapcreations.com/EarthCalmProducts.html

Also, please see the previous posts on this blog for a wealth of information about protection from EMFs.

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Hank and Barbara