Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the safety of cell phones. Even Dr. Gupta isn’t sure. He wears a wired ear bud to talk on the phone. Although he says the jury’s still out on cell phones and brain cancer, Dr. Gupta is not taking any chances. He says it takes twenty years to establish a link between diseases and causes. In the USA, we still have about five years to go until more facts are in. In Sweden, where the use of cell phones has been heavy, the research is already beginning to show a link. And unlike here in America, where cell phone safety “studies” are paid for and conducted by the cell phone industry, the European studies are conducted independently. That’s one of the reasons why European regulations demand that cell phones emit about a quarter of the radiation of their American counterparts.

Recently I’ve overhead conversations about the comparative safety of one brand of cell phone over another. While it’s true that some brands and models emit lower microwave radiation levels than others, this notion overlooks a major point: The human brain does not have adequate defenses against a constant barrage of microwave radiation. While the levels might be low, they are still bombarding your brain with constant microwave radiation. The same is true for Bluetooth. Someone who walks around all day with a Bluetooth device in his ear is bathing his brain with microwaves non-stop. Not only does Bluetooth NOT help, its constant communication with its target (your cell phone) feeds your head with microwaves each and every second it is worn.

So the answer is not in finding which cell phone emits the least radiation. They all affect your brain through constant and repetitive use. The answer lies in learning how to protect yourself.

Our EMF Pollution Solution

The Quantum Cell, by EarthCalm, offers superior cell phone protection, because it grounds your nervous system into the earth’s electromagnetic field. Natural resonance is restored.

The Quantum Cell actually transforms the hazardous field of microwave radiation emitted by your cell phone into a field of protective radiation. Customers find that by keeping their Quantum Cell-protected cell phone with them, they’re more productive and have more energy and stamina.

The Quantum Cell is the ultimate cell phone protection device. Treat yourself and your family to peace of mind by attaching a Quantum Cell to your cell phones today. Check our product page for a special offer on four Quantum Cells, a great way to protect your loved ones from cell phone EMFs at a great price.

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