What do WiFi, cell phones, and cell towers all have in common?

They’re drowning us in microwave EMF radiation. You say you don’t have a wireless router in your home? What about all the signal that’s coming to you courtesy of your next-door neighbor’s wireless router? Or if you live in an apartment or condo, how about the dozens of wireless routers in your building? There’s just no getting away from wireless microwave radiation.

Recently a new customer told me her townhouse complex put a wireless tower in her yard.  The tower is not for cell phones, she explained, but it gets wireless Internet for her area. Now the wireless service is great, but she’s been getting headaches and not sleeping well at night.

Another young woman complained of headaches and irritability when she was around her computer. She decided to unplug her wireless router and stop using her computer. It helped a little bit, she said, but her neighbor had a home office on the other side of her bedroom wall, and the signals from his wireless system were affecting her.  She doesn’t use a cell phone, except for true emergencies, but she can see a cell phone tower from her kitchen window.

Our EMF Pollution Solution

Neither of these women is likely to move to Tibet, where the microwave levels are scarce in the high elevations. So they both need something to shield themselves from the effects of microwave EMF radiation.

We recommend the Omega WiFi. For the woman who tried unplugging her router and staying away from her computer, we recommended plugging the router back in and using an Omega WiFi in an open Ethernet port. Not only does the Omega WiFi shield her from the signals of her own router, it protects her from her neighbors’ wireless signals, as well as protecting her from the cell phone tower within view of her house.  About a week after plugging in Omega WiFi, the woman reported she was free from headaches and her mood had changed for the better. She no longer feels the effects of her neighbor’s home office, and she has begun using her computer again with no ill effects.

The Omega WiFi is our chosen solution for the woman with the neighbor hood wireless tower in her yard. All she needs to do is plug it into an open port on her router for 24/7 protection against microwave EMFs.

Check out our EarthCalm products page for more information about Omega WiFi. Also, check out the Wireless Pack special, which offers great savings on an Omega WiFi and two Quantum Cell protectors for your mobile phones.

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