Research over the last two decades has begun to show a link between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and a growing number of health concerns.  These include mood swings, irritability, attention deficit issues, hyperactivity, susceptibility to illness, headaches, and more.

EMFs from the electrical grid and appliances surround you inside your home and office. Over time, EMFs erode your immune system, making it difficult for your body to eliminate toxins. This can cause nagging, chronic daily headaches.

Add wireless devices to the mix and you’re literally swimming in a sea of EMF pollution.  WiFi routers, laptops, wireless mice and keyboards, cell phones and cordless phones, all  emit higher level EMFs (microwave radiation). If  you’ve ever spent your day on your computer and phone, especially if in a room with Wi-Fi, and ended the day with a headache, exposure to EMFs is a probable cause.

Eliminate the Cause of Headache Pain

But do you need to eliminate all of your wireless devices to ease the headaches? No! The good news is that you can get EMF protection and still keep all your wireless devices! EarthCalm offers a variety of EMF protection devices to help you do this. If your headaches are linked to EMFs, it’s an easy solution.

Our EMF Pollution Solutions

For your cell phone: Attach a Quantum Cell to your cell phone for the best protection available against cell phone microwave radiation. For your cordless phones, attaching a Quantum Cell to the base unit will offer protection to each handset.

For your Wi-Fi devices: Plug an Omega WiFi into an open Ethernet port on your wireless router, and all your wireless devices in the network are protected. The Omega Wi-Fi also protects you from the signals generated by your neighbors’ WiFi networks. All EarthCalm products come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try them risk-free.

To learn more about how EarthCalm can protect you against EMF Pollution, visit our EarthCalm Products page:

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