Didier Bellens, the CEO of the largest telecom company in Belgium, uses only a landline for calls in his 27th floor offices. Not only that, he chooses to forego WiFi in his building. Instead he uses hardwired Ethernet cable drops throughout his facilities.

Bellens is quite vocal about his reservations about cell phone radiation and WiFi, especially concerning children and teens. Recently, he gave some advice to a group of schoolchildren. “During the day, it is better to use a headset,” he said, “because the GSM [Global System for Mobile Communications], it heats. The waves are dangerous. At night, it is better to shut it off. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, you should also turn it off.”

In 2001, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified radiation from cellphones and WiFi as a “possible human carcinogen.” In France, Austria, the UK, and Germany, WiFi and cell phones are being removed from public schools to alleviate safety issues concerning the effect of non-ionizing radiation on children.

The newest research on WiFi and cellphone dangers is the 2012 Bioinitiative Report. The report, authored by 29 international scientists from 10 countries, includes 1,800 industry-independent studies about the health effects of man-made EMF fields. Its conclusions are downright scary.

Here’s a list of governments and organizations that ban or warn against wireless technology: http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/?page_id=128

Our EMF Pollution Solutions:

The head of a huge telecom company who won’t subject himself to EMFs – this should be eye-opening. But what can you do to protect yourself, short of living without your cell phone and shutting down your WiFI?

Omega Cell transforms the WiFi field in your home or office into a field of protection

Omega Cell transforms the WiFi field in your home or office into a field of protection

Use your WiFi to your heart’s content, but protect yourself from WiFi microwave EMF with EarthCalm’s Omega WiFi. Simply plug the Omega WiFi into an open port on your wireless router, and it protects you and your family from the EMF fields of all devices served by that router.  It will also protect you from fields emitted by your neighbors’ WiFi devices and nearby cell towers.

We’re also not suggesting you should give up your cell phone. We know how indispensable they have become. Go ahead, use your cellphone, but protect yourself with EarthCalm’s Quantum Cell. The Quantum Cell envelops you in a field of protection. Some users even report a sense of calm while using the Quantum Cell, and sensitive users have reported relief from frequent headaches.

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