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Dr. Oz recently trumpeted the benefits of Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy. The Europeans have known about this for decades, and now this remarkable healing modality is available on this side of the Atlantic.

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Research over the last two decades has begun to show a link between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and a growing number of health concerns.  These include mood swings, irritability, attention deficit issues, hyperactivity, susceptibility to illness, headaches, and more.

EMFs from the electrical grid and appliances surround you inside your home and office. Over time, EMFs erode your immune system, making it difficult for your body to eliminate toxins. This can cause nagging, chronic daily headaches.

Add wireless devices to the mix and you’re literally swimming in a sea of EMF pollution.  WiFi routers, laptops, wireless mice and keyboards, cell phones and cordless phones, all  emit higher level EMFs (microwave radiation). If  you’ve ever spent your day on your computer and phone, especially if in a room with Wi-Fi, and ended the day with a headache, exposure to EMFs is a probable cause.

Eliminate the Cause of Headache Pain

But do you need to eliminate all of your wireless devices to ease the headaches? No! The good news is that you can get EMF protection and still keep all your wireless devices! EarthCalm offers a variety of EMF protection devices to help you do this. If your headaches are linked to EMFs, it’s an easy solution.

Our EMF Pollution Solutions

For your cell phone: Attach a Quantum Cell to your cell phone for the best protection available against cell phone microwave radiation. For your cordless phones, attaching a Quantum Cell to the base unit will offer protection to each handset.

For your Wi-Fi devices: Plug an Omega WiFi into an open Ethernet port on your wireless router, and all your wireless devices in the network are protected. The Omega Wi-Fi also protects you from the signals generated by your neighbors’ WiFi networks. All EarthCalm products come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try them risk-free.

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Researchers are finding a link between Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Lucinda Grant, director of the US support group known as Electrical Sensitivity Network, and author of two books on electromagnetic sensitivity, says people suffering from one of these diseases often suffer from the other.

Why the correlation between EHS and MCS? The link is the nervous system.  This is a primary site impacted by both chemicals and electromagnetic fields. These two diseases also share many of the same symptoms, including but not limited to:

  • Headaches
  • Rashes
  • Fatigue
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Sleep disturbances

Not too long ago, doctors were skeptical about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. So called “hysterical housewives” were referred for psychiatric help. Today MCS is becoming more accepted as a genuine medical diagnosis.

But there’s still a lot of skepticism in the medical fields about the validity of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome. People suffering from EMF exposure are thought to be hypochondriacs, and some of them are shuffled from doctor to doctor with the notion that their symptoms are all in their minds.

People who suffer from other diseases, like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, also suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and may not know it. EHS affects the immune system—so it can complicate and contribute to almost any other disease. If our immune system is struggling because it’s constantly trying to protect our body from electromagnetic radiation, it cannot attend to fighting problems caused by other environmental toxins (like chemicals) or internal ones caused by pathogens.

Both Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity are difficult to live with. In today’s worldit’s difficult to go out in public at all, without getting sickened by exposure to chemicals and EMFs.

For chemical sensitivity, there are now many companies that offer natural, “green” products for household use. You can at least keep your own home fairly free of chemicals. You can also stick to natural fibers in clothing and bedding, and carry your own soap with you when you plan to use public restrooms.

Our EMF Pollution Solutions

Check out our EarthCalm product line for a variety of ways to protect yourself and your family from the hazards of EMFs. A good place to start is the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System, the Omega WiFi, and for time spent away from your home, the EarthCalm Nova Scalar Resonator. See more information on our EarthCalm products page:

Remember, all EarthCalm products have a 90-day total satisfaction guarantee, so you can try these remarkable EMF Pollution Solutions with no risk.

Please feel free to call us or send us an email with any questions about ways to protect yourself against EMFs.

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Let’s take another look at Wi-Fi in our environment. In an earlier post (Your Wireless Router Is Like A Cell Tower In Your Home) we explored how Wi-Fi systems can surround you in microwave radiation. We all love the convenience – complete run of the house with laptop in hand, whole house music systems controlled from your iPAD, keeping up with email and even doing our work at restaurants, airports, hotels. Who wants to give that up?

Wi-Fi has invaded our atmosphere, our homes, our businesses, and even our schools without any studies on its long-term effects. Since Wi-Fi is a fairly recent addition to our lives, there hasn’t been adequate time to conduct studies on its health effects. However, thousands of studies have been conducted on the effects of microwave radiation from cell phones and cell towers, which are strikingly similar to what comes from wireless routers. So we have much to learn from studying the literature on cell phones and cell towers. Remember, a wireless router in your home is like having a cell tower right in your living room!

Here are some of the most common symptoms people report when exposed to microwave radiation from cell phones and towers:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Memory problems
  • Dizziness
  • Depression, Anxiety
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Tremors

Microwave EMFs from cell towers are suspected in connection with a number of diseases, including but not limited to:

  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia

Wi-Fi dangers lurk at the cellular level in our bodies.

Our cells respond EMF microwaves as foreign invaders. The cell membrane around these cells becomes hard and inflexible. This means nutrients can’t get inside – and toxins and cancer-causing free radicals can’t get out. This damages the mitochondria, which causes the cells to lose their ability to function. The DNA is damaged. The cells eventually die—which damages the tissues, which in turn damages organs. Not a very pretty picture.

Just because there are no studies on long-term Wi-Fi health effects on the human body doesn’t mean it isn’t potentially dangerous. Remember tobacco? Remember asbestos? Remember x-rays? Do we want to wait 20 years to find out how dangerous Wi-Fi is to our health? Be smart, and protect yourself against potential Wi-Fi dangers.

Our EMF Pollution Solution

If you have a wireless network in your home, we highly recommend that you install the Omega Wi-Fi in your router. The Omega WiFi gives you full electromagnetic radiation protection by incorporating EarthCalm’s proprietary technologies to transform these hazardous fields into a beneficial field of protection. By modulating EarthCalm grounding patterns into the EMF microwave field generated by the router or laptop, the Omega WiFi:

  • allows your body to dissipate the effects of wireless electromagnetic radiation, and
  • amplifies your ground in the earth’s electromagnetic field, creating a sense of well-being.

The Omega Wi-Fi comes in two versions: Ethernet or USB. To determine which you need, look at your router to determine which type of connector it needs.

The Omega Wi-Fi can be plugged into your laptop for on-the-go protection against Wi-Fi microwave radiation outside your home. We recommend having two – one for your router, and another for your laptop. This way you don’t have to unplug one from your router when you take your laptop out of your home.


The Omega Wi-Fi is available for 15% off through August 31, 2011, as part of EarthCalm’s Back-To-School Special.

For more information about Omega Wi-Fi, please visit our EarthCalm products page:

Or feel free to call us with any questions you may have about EarthCalm products: 828-689-5787. Please ask for Hank.

All the best,
Hank and Barbara


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We’re all so accustomed to swimming in a soup of EMF radiation; we don’t connect this to our overall state of health. But constant EMF exposure can wreak havoc on our immune systems.

Continual bombardment by EMFs and microwave radiation (cell phones, Bluetooth, WiFi, laptops, cell towers) keeps our immune systems in a state of “fight or flight.” This interferes with the job our immune system was intended to do – keeping us safe from foreign invaders.

Here’s how our bodies respond to an onslaught of EMFs:

  1. EMFs are immediately perceived as “public enemy #1,” which creates a state of low-level emergency in our nervous systems.
  2. This temporarily shuts down blood flow and oxygen to all but the most essential areas, such as the brain and heart.
  3. Systems that aren’t meant specifically for “fight or flight,” such as the immune system and digestive system, are put on hold.
  4. Blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels increase to prepare the body to face danger.

To make matters worse, EMFs knock ions out of our cells and interfere with cellular metabolism. This can cause deficiencies in calcium, lithium, potassium, and other necessary nutrients. Adding insult to injury, EMFs induce biologically meaningless frequencies into our nervous systems and brains. This means we are resonating with our refrigerators! How healthy is that?

This energy exchange – between ourselves and our electrical grids and appliances (which can only be described as an attack on your body) – generates stress hormones. Stress hormones gradually erode our immune defenses, setting us up over time for immune deficiency issues.

That’s why we keep hearing about so many people with unexplainable diseases or symptoms doctors just can’t figure out. We’re awash 24/7 in a sea of electromagnetic pollution from our home electricity and appliances, cell phones, cell towers, WiFi, and high-tension power lines.

So what can we do? Move to a desert island away from EMFs? Don’t we wish! Fortunately we don’t have to. All we need to do is ground ourselves to the Earth’s own electromagnetic fields.


1. Johansson, O., Pathophysiology (2009). “Disturbance of the immune system by electromagnetic fields–A potentially underlying cause for cellular damage and tissue repair reduction which could lead to disease and impairment.”

2. Bioinitiative Report, 2007.

Our EMF Pollution Solutions

There are several ways to ground yourself and your loved ones to the Earth’s electromagnetic fields.

For the “dirty electricity” in your home, we recommend the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System.  This system protects everyone in the home. For more information, please go to:

Omega WiFi

Omega WiFi protects you from microwave EMFs emitted by wireless systems.

If you have WiFi and other wireless systems in your home, we recommend the added protection of Omega WiFi. This transmutes the field of microwave EMFs into a beneficial field of protection in your home, extending to every device on your wireless network. For more information, please go to:

Finally, for protection from electrical EMFs and microwaves outside the home, we recommend the Nova Scalar Resonator pendant. Not only will it protect you, but it looks great! For more information, please go to:

There’s absolutely no risk to try these products. All EarthCalm products come with a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. So there’s no better time than NOW to begin giving your immune system a break from the stress of EMFs.

All the best,

Hank and Barbara

What do WiFi, cell phones, and cell towers all have in common?

They’re drowning us in microwave EMF radiation. You say you don’t have a wireless router in your home? What about all the signal that’s coming to you courtesy of your next-door neighbor’s wireless router? Or if you live in an apartment or condo, how about the dozens of wireless routers in your building? There’s just no getting away from wireless microwave radiation.

Recently a new customer told me her townhouse complex put a wireless tower in her yard.  The tower is not for cell phones, she explained, but it gets wireless Internet for her area. Now the wireless service is great, but she’s been getting headaches and not sleeping well at night.

Another young woman complained of headaches and irritability when she was around her computer. She decided to unplug her wireless router and stop using her computer. It helped a little bit, she said, but her neighbor had a home office on the other side of her bedroom wall, and the signals from his wireless system were affecting her.  She doesn’t use a cell phone, except for true emergencies, but she can see a cell phone tower from her kitchen window.

Our EMF Pollution Solution

Neither of these women is likely to move to Tibet, where the microwave levels are scarce in the high elevations. So they both need something to shield themselves from the effects of microwave EMF radiation.

We recommend the Omega WiFi. For the woman who tried unplugging her router and staying away from her computer, we recommended plugging the router back in and using an Omega WiFi in an open Ethernet port. Not only does the Omega WiFi shield her from the signals of her own router, it protects her from her neighbors’ wireless signals, as well as protecting her from the cell phone tower within view of her house.  About a week after plugging in Omega WiFi, the woman reported she was free from headaches and her mood had changed for the better. She no longer feels the effects of her neighbor’s home office, and she has begun using her computer again with no ill effects.

The Omega WiFi is our chosen solution for the woman with the neighbor hood wireless tower in her yard. All she needs to do is plug it into an open port on her router for 24/7 protection against microwave EMFs.

Check out our EarthCalm products page for more information about Omega WiFi. Also, check out the Wireless Pack special, which offers great savings on an Omega WiFi and two Quantum Cell protectors for your mobile phones.

All the best,


Everywhere I look, the news is abuzz with reports of Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his wired “ear bud.” Dr. Gupta will not use his cell phone without the wired ear bud attached. He’s not taking any chances with microwave radiation penetrating his brain.

Is Dr. Gupta being too careful? I don’t think so. In a 2003 Swedish study, Professor Leif Salford linked radiation from mobile phone handsets to damage to the parts of the brain associated with learning, memory and movement. Professor Salford further suggested this may trigger Alzheimer’s symptoms.

In the study, researchers studied rats aged 12-26 weeks, because their brains are believed to be in the same stage of development as teenagers, who are some of the heaviest users of cell phones.

Rats brains are  similar to the human brain. They have the same blood-brain barrier and neurons. Researchers exposed the rats to two hours of radiation equivalent to 50 days of heavy mobile phone usage. Upon examination, the researchers found an abundance of dead brain cells in the rats that had been exposed to medium and high levels of radiation.

“We have good reason to believe that what happens in rats’ brains also happens in humans,” Dr. Salford said.  There is a chance that exposure to mobile phone radiation could trigger Alzheimer’s Disease in some people, he added. “What we are saying is those neurons that are already prone to Alzheimer’s Disease may be stimulated earlier in life…we cannot exclude that after some decades of often daily use, a whole generation of users may suffer negative effects  in their middle age.”

Source: Environmental Health Perspectives, Jan. 2003

Our EMF Pollution Solution

I, too, use a wired ear bud on my cell phone, but that’s not enough. For real protection from microwave radiation emitted by my cell phone, I use the Quantum Cell by EarthCalm. The Quantum Cell transmutes the microwave energy emitted by your cellphone into a beneficial field of protection. Quantum Cell is the most advanced cell phone protection available on the planet.

For more information about Quantum Cell and other remarkable EarthCalm products, please see our EarthCalm products page:

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There’s been a lot of talk recently about the “ear bud” worn by Dr. Sanjay Gupta when he uses his cell phone. Dr. Gupta won’t throw his hat into the ring by saying outright that cell phones can be harmful to the human brain. But who can blame him for not taking chances with his own brain? He wears a wired ear bud headset when he talks on his cell phone. That’s a smart choice. It keeps the microwave radiation away from his brain.

Ear bud headsets keep cell phone radiation away from your brain. That’s a given. But what about the rest of your body? I’ve been using an ear bud for years, long before Dr. Gupta popularized them. Sure it gives me a wired, geeky look, but it’s worth it to protect my brain. The problem is, I’ve been wearing the cell phone with a little clip on my belt, right next to my intestines, and (now that I think about it) too near my genital area. Good thing I’m past child-rearing age, because scientists have been pointing out recently that cell phone radiation can dramatically lower sperm count. Perhaps rising infertility in young people will one day be linked to this. However, I digress. The point is, keeping the cell phone on or near your body, while it constantly “talks” back and forth to the nearest tower, subjects you to microwave radiation. While keeping it out of your brain is admirable, what can you do to protect the rest of your body?

For a double or triple dose of microwaves, try sitting around in your home or office with your wireless WiFi router fired up, surfing on your laptop, and talking on your cell phone. That’s a lot of microwave radiation floating around. Not only is your cell in constant contact with its tower, but your laptop and wireless router are sending out constant signals to each other. Now add Bluetooth to the mix for even more microwaves. That Bluetooth device you’ve been carrying in your ear all day is constantly “talking” to your cell phone, transmitting and receiving EMF signals all day long. All this can turn your home into a sea of microwave EMF radiation. For some people, this is a potential source of headaches, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, and a host of other modern-day ills. But even those who don’t feel it directly or make the connection to their “issues” are being affected.

What if you don’t even have WiFi, but you live in the city and your neighbor has a wireless router on the other side your bedroom wall? It’s hard to escape the EMF soup that washes over us 24/7.

Our EMF Pollution Solutions

Here’s what to do to protect yourself in the sea of microwave radiation:

Quantum Cell

For your cell phone: Surround yourself in a beneficial field of protection with the Quantum Cell from EarthCalm.  Standing just 1 mm high, the Quantum Cell is the world’s most advance cell phone protection device. The first time I used my cell phone with the Quantum Cell attached, I noticed a deep sense of relaxation and calm. Since then, I have come to take this feeling for granted, but I always get a rude awakening when I try to use someone else’s phone.

I still use my ear bud. It has some great hands-free options to use while driving, but with the Quantum Cell I’m protected from microwave EMF radiation.

For your laptop and WiFi router:

Omega Cell transforms the WiFi field in your home or office into a field of protection

If you use a WiFi router in your house, the Omega WiFi is your best line of defense against microwave radiation. A friend of mine has his whole house wirelessly linked to his iPad. He can select his music playlist from anywhere in his house and send it to the speakers in any room he desires. He has wireless laptops and tower computers tied into the system. His Blueray player can stream first-run films from sites like Netflix and Blockbuster. His home is awash in EMF fields. One Omega WiFi plugged into an open Ethernet port on his router, would transform all the fields in the house into a beneficial field of protection. It would even protect him from the effects of his neighbors’ wireless networks. For my friend, and many others like him, the Omega WiFi would be a sound investment into his own well-being.

The Omega WiFi can be purchased with an Ethernet or a USB connector. Use the Ethernet model for your wireless router. If you take your laptop away from your home or office, the USB version will protect you from wireless EMFs wherever you go.

For more information about these and other EMF Pollution Solutions, please visit our EarthCalm products page:

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NEW! EarthCalm Nova Scalar Resonator

EarthCalm Nova Resonator two sidesThis beautiful, new addition to the EarthCalm collection protects you against the electromagnetic pollution from dirty electricity AND the microwave radiation emitted by cell phones, laptops, wireless internet, and cell towers.

The EarthCalm Nova Scalar Resonator is also a beautiful piece of jewelry, with a domed amber gem on one side, and smooth paua shell on the other. Both amber and paua shell have resonant properties which help amplify the effectiveness of EarthCalm’s proprietary scalar circuit technology.

For more information about the EarthCalm Nova Scalar Resonator, see our EarthCalm Products page,

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