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15% off Combo-Paks

For one week only, through December 11, 2012, all three EarthCalm Combo-Paks will be on sale for 15% off. They will then be discontinued. Go to for more details.

Take advantage of this sale now, before you can no longer buy the Paks! And get FREE SHIPPING on orders in the USA.

Family PackFamily Pak

Combines a Home EMF Protection System with your choice of a Nova Resonator Pendant or Ankle Bracelet. Provides EMF protection for everyone in your home, plus personal protection for one person wherever they go. Save $97!

Reg. Price: $647
Special Price: $550

Healthy Home Pak

Combines a Home EMF Protection System and an Omega WiFi to give protection to everyone in your home from EMFs from your electricity and appliances and also from wireless radiation.
Save $72!

Reg. Price: $477   Special Price: $405

Ultimate Pak

Combines a Home EMF Protection System, a Nova Resonator, a Quantum Cell, and an Omega WiFi to give you ultimate protection in your home and wherever you go. Save $139!

Reg. Price: $925
Special Price: $ 786

Don’t miss out on this sale–good only through December 11, 2012.


EarthCalm Special One-Day Sale!

Cyber-Monday Sale Monday, November 26

One day only!

10% off ALL EarthCalm Products

Free U.S. Shipping!

Give the gift of EMF protection to your family and friends! Shop our Cyber-Monday Sale and get all your holiday shopping done at once!

ONE DAY ONLY. Mark your calendar: for 24 hours, from 12:01 midnight till 12 midnight PST (Eastern time 3:01 am to 3:00 am) on November 26, 2012, all products on the EarthCalm website will be 10% off. PLUS FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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Take advantage of this first-time-ever sale on all EarthCalm products, for 24 hours only. Monday, November 26, 2012. Go to to learn more.

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