EarthCalm Home Protection System

Summer Sale thru 8/31/12

Woman in grassYou were born to be immersed in the
Earth’s protective field.

The problem is that the EMFs generated by your electricity and appliances prevent you from being grounded in the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field—the field you were born to live in, the field that nurtures and heals you.

You know how good it feels to be out in nature? It’s the earth’s electromagnetic field you’re feeling. This is what helps your body to relax and let go of tension; it’s also what calms your mind. This happens because you are resonating with the Earth’s field.

How does the Home EMF Protection System Work?

EarthCalm’s Living Earth Technology immerses you in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Using the principle of Resonance, the EMF Protection System frees your nervous system from resonating to your home’s wiring grid and appliances.

Home Protection System

EarthCalm Home Protection System

Summer Sale thru 8/31/12

Reg Price: $298

Sale Price: $268

(Thru August 31, 2012) for more information.

EarthCalm Photon Band

Photon BandNew! The Photon Band is an auxiliary product, designed to boost the strength of the Home EMF Protection System and the Nova Resonator to provide enhanced over-all EMF protection. Designed for those who are electrosensitive or are facing health challenges–or those who simply want the maximum EMF protection possible.

Summer Sale thru 8/31/12

Reg. Price: $129

Sale Price: $116
(thru 8-31-12)