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A customer asked the following question: “Everywhere I go,” he said, “I see people walking around with Bluetooth headsets in their ears. Is this safer than just putting the cell phone right next to your head?”

Surprisingly, the answer is no.

While it’s true that the Bluetooth keeps the phone away from your head, it still allows microwave radiation to enter your brain.

“But isn’t the signal from the Bluetooth less powerful than the cell phone itself?” the customer inquired.

The answer to that is yes. The signal is less powerful. But when you walk around all day with the Bluetooth device stuck into your ear like a piece of jewelry, you’re being exposed to a steady stream of low-level microwaves. The phone and the Bluetooth device are “talking” to each other constantly, sending and receiving signals that keep them synched up, in the same way your phone and the cell tower are always communicating. So even though the Bluetooth device has less signal strength than your phone, by wearing it all day long you’re subjecting your brain to an “always-on” assault of microwaves.

Our customer went on to say, “But I don’t want to give up Bluetooth. It’s so much more convenient than having the phone up to my ear when I use it. So what should I do?”

That was a very good question, and we do understand why people don’t want to give up the convenience of Bluetooth. Here’s what we suggested.

Our EMF Pollution Solution

Connect the Quantum Cell by EarthCalm to the cell phone. The Quantum Cell actually transforms the hazardous field of microwave radiation emitted by your cell phone into a field of protective radiation. Customers find that by keeping their Quantum Cell-protected cell phone with them, they’re more productive and have more energy and stamina.

The Quantum Cell offers superior cell phone protection, because it grounds your nervous system into the earth’s electromagnetic field. Natural resonance is restored.

We also recommend the Quantum Cell for cordless phones, baby monitors, iPads, Kindles, and wireless personal game devices.

For more information about the Quantum Cell, please visit our EarthCalm product page:

All the best,
Hank and Barbara

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